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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Im on somewhat of a senryu binge lately.
Senryus are different from haikus in that haikus focus on nature while senryus focus on human nature.
A senryu has 17 syllables
It is 3 lines long
It has a 5-7-5 syllable structure.

Great guy. Great guy. Great.
Talk. Eat. Travel. Talk. Eat. Fight.
Bad boy. Bad boy. Bad.

Sweet boy from the south
I shared my heart, my secrets
Boy had a big mouth.

So in love with you
I hope I will never write
Another senryu.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Weiner Story

This will be the first and the last comment about Andrew Weiner I write.
I recently asked someone I knew who had posed in the nude for Playboy magazine if she thought it was sexy for Andrew Weiner to take and send pictures of his privates to a girl.
She replied, " No, That's a negative!"
I thought it was harsh coming from someone who was asking $5.99 (the going rate for an issue of Playboy magazine) to see hers.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Journey

I have been on a journey.
A journey of self-discovery.
I can honestly say that I have learned much and not enough.
Some of my lessons have been good and some I will choose to forget.
I have been to church and learned the beautiful teachings of Jesus and Christianity.
I have had meaningful conversations with Muslims about their hopes and wishes for thier children.
I have reached deep down into my own life and family for answers to what is the meaning of it all.
A wish for health and peace top my list.
Quality of life diminishes in the absence of either.
Prosperity is the third on my list.
I appreciate the fact this word is included in our US Bill of Rights.
I have been told that a belief in G-d and/or a higher power are essential to joy.
It's been said that the reason some nations can not progress is due to their leaders being G-dless.
I believe it is more about a lack of spirituality.
Spirituality over dogma.
I graduated from a religious private school with close family relatives who were Orthodox Jews.
This gave me gifts of immeasureable value.
It opened my mind to the questions of existence and life's meanings that I would not have had the capacity for otherwise, for this I am forever grateful.
I did see, however, how religious dogma can trap someone into a false sense of self-righteousness.
To be a "mensch" is greater than any ritual I perform.
Loving my neighbors and doing good deeds that advance all of humankind collectively, is what is best.
My identity is wrapped in Judaism and I am proud but it does not lessen the importance and significant contributions of other nations.
It is simply my point of reference for what is good in this world.
When I talk about good I mean pure.It is harder to do the right thing and maintain a pure heart throughout life's difficulties.
It can corrupt a man's thoughts when he loses the ability to see things with a pure heart.
A "hardened heart" is a result of letting the pain manipulate action.
Spirituality is food for my soul when I lose sight of hope.
I still believe.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Thought About The Economy

Listening to the 2012 Presidential hopefuls I can't help but think they should try to stop explaining away the problem in soundbites and just stare at the problems in the face and fix it.
It comes down to practicalities.
Our government should offer firms temporary subsidies to forestall outsourcing labor.
Too much of our ideas come to fruition overseas nowadays.
Corporate leaders can work to churn out a labor force with the right skills. Approach universities or trade schools with matching criteria and assure that graduating classes have the right assets.
It isn't that hard.
It's been done before.