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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Am One Of The Dreamers

The dreamers are the saviors of the world.
The world is beautiful because they have lived.
He who cherishes a beautiful vision,
a lofty ideal in his heart,
will one day realize it.

Stainless beauty and perfect peace.

If We Are Related We Shall Meet

It's time to change perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Both sides must be understood through thier specific history and accept that our destinies are linked.
Instead of asking who started it, we should ask who will take the decisive steps to end it.

The Real Things We Desire

I have an idea~ a very clear idea about what makes a community or a particular region more desireable to live and work in.
Instead of our politicians concentrating on finger pointing we should be focusing on creating these elements so that we may attract buisness to our nation.
Globalization is here to stay so we had better get onboard with the idea that we can not think in terms of us vs. them.
The deciding factor for engagement should be how a potential partner treats their own people.
Are they a democratic nation or a dictatorship?
We need to pound away at the things that will create a better economy.
Great schools are paramount.
Reasonable taxes.
Less regulation.
A responsive government.

The quality of the workforce is what brings good companies to a region.
Quality of life is the determining factor.

Why do politicians neglect to concentrate on these basic principles now when we need it now more than ever?

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Gilded Age

Fashion is decadent this season colored feathers and sequins.
Bright vibrant color in brilliant hues.
These are the items that will take you season to season seamlessly.
Add some fur feathers and sequined pieces in glorious color but hold on to these.......

Invest in a statement coat.
Invest in a statement bag.
Invest in a LBD but pair it with one of this season's fabulous necklaces.
Invest in a statement skirt and pair this with a slim fitting cashmere top in a bright hue.
Invest in a classic tux and pair this with a glittering clutch.
Invest in a knee high boot but pair this with a below the knee skirt and peasant blouse.
Invest in a white blouse and pair it with bright trousers.
Invest in a tailored jacket and pair it with a black leather skirt.

Adding glittering sequined and bright bold colored accessories will carry you through this season.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Precious Than Gold

Who does not love a tranquil heart, a sweet tempered balanced life?
It does not matter whether it rains or shines
or what changes come to those possessing these blessings,
for they are always sweet, serene and calm.
That exquisite poise of character which we call serenity,
is the last lesson of culture,
it is the flowering of life,
the fruitage of the soul.
It is precious as wisdom
more to be desired than gold
yea, than even fine gold
How insignificant mere money seeking looks
in comparison with a serene life
a life that dwells in the ocean of truth
beneath the waves
beyond the reach of tempests
in the eternal calm.

As A Man Thinketh
James Allen

from all enemies foreign and domestic

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fiscal Ammunition

This has been one of the hardest times for the Federal Reserve.
Last years QE2, where the Fed bought treasury bonds to keep interest rates low has not done what it was supposed to do.Growth in the economy has slowed and unemployment is still too high.
History proves that after the 1929 stock market crash, the Federal Reserve stood by and did nothing.
It was the worst decision to sit back and watch it all unfold.
In that crash, the economy collapsed, GNP plummeted by 27% and unemployment rose to over 30% by today's measurements and a 25% deflation crushed those
already in debt.
Compare that with today's economic situation.
"The Great Recession" saw GNP fall by only 5% and output has almost reached pre-crash highs.
Unemployment is just below 10% and price levels are steady.
The Federal Reserves aggressive moves to give reserves to keep the banking system above water and the financial markets functioning have made all of the
difference between then and now.
And thanks to the Feerderal Reserve the US has done better through this crisis than other countries whose central banks like the Bank of England and the ECB
(European Central Bank) have not done the same.

Operation Twist is the Fed's initiative that has lowered long term interest rates which has the 30 year mortgage rate at an all time low.

It's not over yet.

The Fed can also reduce the interest rate it pays banks on their excess reserves. The rate is 1/4 of 1%. It could be eliminated therefore giving banks less incentive
either to invest their reserves or lend them out.

The Fed's role has always been to keep inflation at 0% to 2% and provide liquidity in times of crisis.

What the Fed wont do is spur growth in productivity, stop excessive government regulation or fix the deficit problem.
We will need sound fiscal policy which should include long-term deficit reduction and short-term tax relief (maybe extending and enlarging the payroll tax

The US economy is driven by the confidence of consumers and investors and by the innovation of workers and entrepreneurs.

Let's use all of the tools we need so that we can get back to shared prosperity sooner than later.

(Stats from Wharton School study)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How I Wish He'd See It

I had another disagreement with my father ,Willie, on the way to Barnes & Noble this afternoon.
I don't know if it has anything to do with his Eastern European heritage or his age but all I hear is complaining.
He complains about his part time job.
He complains about his health.

He always does this in the car when he's driving.

I say he should be thankful he has work, even if it is part time.
He is the healthiest "80 something" year old I know.

OK so he's never been "money rich".
He has two daughters.
He has two grandchildren (my 2 children).
He has a wife who has taken care of him for 50 years.

Why is he so insistent on seeing life as "half empty"?

It used to discourage me and I have learned how not to let it get to me.
He is who he is.
I just wish he'd see how blessed he is.

(sigh) maybe tomorrow...................

Saturday, November 5, 2011


"They knew that to put G-d in the US Constitution was to put man out.
They knew that the recognition of a diety would be seized upon by fanatics and zealots as a pretext for destroying the liberty of thought.
They knew the terrible history of the church too well to place in her keeping or in the keeping of her G-d, the sacred rights of man.
They intended that all should have the right to worship or not to worship.
That our laws should make no distinction on account of creed.
They intended to found and frame a government for man and man alone.
They wished to preserve the individuality of all; to prevent the few from governing the many, and the many from persecuting and destroying the few."

Robert Green Ingersoll

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Make Mine Supreme

Here are some big cases coming soon to the US Supreme Court

FCC vs. Fox
Can the FCC prohibit the nasty filthy language that is used on broadcast tv?
Fox says it should be treated like cable and say whatever the @#$%^&*() it wants!

I think FCC oversight goes bye bye!

First American vs. Edwards
This case could allow lawyers to file "gotcha" class action lawsuits anytime they catch a company violating a law even though no money was lost.
Here it is in "he said, she said" verse......
Plaintiff says she/he suffered because defendants hurt her/him by not playing by the rules.
Defendant says the Constitution says you have to be hurt before you sue.

I say that it's going to be a "no boo-boo no moolah" decision.

Prometheus vs. Mayo
Prometheus labs patented a method of adjusting the dose of a drug acoording to a person's metabolic rate.
The Mayo Clinic says it's a basic technique that all med-nerds know and understand.
Big Pharma is scared that a decision in favor of Mayo could threaten many patents on drugs and treatment methods already on the market.

Is it time for Miracle Whip?
Can a thought process be patented?

Knox vs. Service Employees International
Can employees in Union contract be forced to contribute money to politics?
The SEIU says it can and will and then refund it later

Yeah, after the candidate is in office?!
Im rooting for the employees. "Down with The Man!"

Healthcare reform requires us to buy insurance from private companies.

This one is going to the administration.

Is a bad deal worse than no deal?

As far as the Republican candidates go, it's seems as though we must chose between confidence and competence.

The "stallwart" conservatives are saying that they would rather vote for Obama and have him win the election instead of  another Republican who will spend like George Bush.

What is going on!?

There is a saying that "I will" matters more than IQ-not in politics.