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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tequila 101

The blue agave plant takes 6-12 years to mature. Each plant is looked after by a "jimador" who tends to and then reaps the agave plant by stripping the leaves and using the pina, which usually weighs 40-80 lbs. It is cut up and roasted where the starches turn to sugar. 1 pina produces 8 bottles of tequila. After roasting, pinas are shredded and pressed. The juice is poured into fermentation tanks and yeast is added turning the sugar into alcohol. It is then fermented 2-3 more times in customary copper stills or newer stainless stills. Alcohol content now is 70 -110 proof. Anejo is considered the best and most expensive. Distinct due to its golden color and it's longer ageing process.
Patron Tequila-owned by John Paul deJoria (Paul Mitchell Hair Products)