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Friday, December 4, 2009

Tequila Tasting & Margarita Party

It's time to rethink tequila. And-lucky for us-learning to do so is incredibly fun. Throwing a tequila tasting and margarita party is a great way to acquaint your guests with premium tequilas.


White Wine Glasses or Shot Glasses
The traditional glass for tasting tequila is called a "caballito", but a good quality white wine glass may be better for savoring the nuanced character of good tequila. A shot glass can also be used for a casual alternative.

Margarita glasses
Large bowled thick glasses are essential for enjoying the true margarita experience.

Accomodate large batches of margaritas. I recommend using one pitcher for each type of margarita being served.

Ice Bucket
Keep plenty of ice available for margaritas on the rocks.

Juice Reamer
Used to extract fresh juice from citrus fruits, like Persian limes.

Garnish Bowls
Small bowls for holding garnishes, and it allows guests to serve themselves.

Plates and Napkins
Have stacks of cocktail plates and napkins available for appetizers and tapas.

Tequila has nuances like fine wine, but a bottle of tequila goes far, making it an affordable way to entertain-especially when you consider the natural accompaniments like chips, salsa, guacamole and ceviche. You'll be surprised by all the characteristics of tequila there are to talk about: appearance, aroma, color, taste and finish.

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