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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Zil Pasyon

Felicite, Seychelles
Zil Pasyon (Creole for ‘Island of Passion’) is the cutting edge vision of the Londonbased, eco-friendly architect Richard Hywel Evans. Access is via a helicopter—which could prove a nuisance after a 10-hour flight, but the Zil team have negotiated its own WiFi-d mini ‘departure lounge’ just a few yards from the main airport, and the helicopter is one of few in the world with air-conditioning. And what it loses in convenience, it gains in castaway points. Just one end of this island of wild agave, mango trees and vanilla orchards is going to be tamed by the development, which, in the brochure’s language, will result in ‘paradise remastered’. Even the developers have stopped short of describing the 28 properties as ‘villas’.

Instead, these extraordinary structures, where ceilings are made of swimming pools, which are surgically placed on Jurassic boulders, are referred to as HQs. One could imagine oneself adopting a playboy persona and hiding out here in some style, surrounded by all the Bond girls.

‘We didn’t want to do another ‘colonial’ design that you can find on any island all over the world. Nor did we want a cartoon version of Creole,’ says architect Richard Hywel Evans. ‘The design-conscious people who are likely to be attracted to Zil are the types who collect villas like they collect art.’

‘This resort is designed to attract those who aspire to the island life, but want that certain comfort of knowing civilization isn’t far off. Here, you’re earthed but unplugged,’ says Jenni Beggs, MD of Per Aquum residences, the hotel brand behind the resort. Although sun, sea and seclusion are the main draws, Zil houses are big statement features. Owners will be able to indulge in a welter of à la carte services, including private dinner parties in the cave wine cellar, overlooked by the original poster of the Rolling Stones 1968 album Beggars Banquet. Properties are for sale on a 99-year lease and start from £1.9 million.
Seychelles has no income tax.
Allows free movement of capital.
IMF program.
100% employment on the island.
Offers tax advantages for national residency.
Projecting a 10-12% appreciation.
Shared ownership program with Sunseeker yachts.