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Friday, March 5, 2010


There was a man who lived by the river.
He was a good man.
He prayed and worshipped g-d daily.
One day he walks down to the river bank just steps from his house to sit and speak to g-d.
He prays a little and then goes inside of his house.
He sits down for his meal and switches on the radio.
A radio report interrupts warning of a flash flood and anyone living by the river should evacuate.
The man prays. He knows g-d will save him.
The river rises and keeps on rising.
The man prays and prays some more.
He says ,"G-d will save me.".
While he prays, the waters rise to reach his home. Water is rushing through the bottom of his front door.
The man hears a loud noise and looks out his window.
A helicopter is above and a rescuer shouts down to him, "Sir! We are here to help you. Grab on and we will pull you out of there."
The man shouts back to them, "I am a man of g-d. My g-d will help me."
The helicopter pilot has no choice but to leave.
The waters have overtaken the man's house and he is barely holding onto a scrap of wood from his belongings. Water is rushing all around him. He continues to pray.
A man in a rowboat calls out to him, "Let me help you! Here, climb in this boat with me."
The pious man replies, "My g-d is a merciful g-d. I put my trust in him. He will save me."
The man in the rowboat makes one last attempt and then must continue on.
The man in the water is overcome by the raging waters and dies.
He stands at the pearly gates standing before the gates of St. Peter and asks," I am a good man. A holy man. I pray. Why did you not hear me?"
G-d replies. "I sent you a radio report, a helicopter and a man in a rowboat."
"What in the hell are you doing here?"