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Monday, May 10, 2010


Sales and marketing.
The moneymakers.
The wheelers and dealers.
What does it take? The salesperson's archetype is the "happy loser".
They see rejection as a challenge.
Its Pavlovian-the more mistakes, the greater the reward.
Some sales tips from the world's toughest customers.

"How to move in front of the line and close the deal."
Coca Cola "Be different and then make sure you prove it to us. The first time we hear from you should not be the bid time."
UPS "We can spot a fake from a mile away. Dont oversell yourself. Companies aren't realistic with their RFPs and most importantly, don't send a UPS executive a bid or buisness idea by Fed-Ex.
Intuit "Go above and beyond. You'd be surprised at how few of your rivals even bother to try .
Bama Companies "Companies are buying your reputation, not just your products."
Valero "Do more research than you think you need to."
Dell "Start locally. Think globally.
IBM "Turn data into intelligence. Uncover insights. Take action."

Sometimes it's good to be reminded of these things.