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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vintage Fashion Therapy for Bettys

A Master Primer In Shopping

My rule is to shop for a whole body shape-not just one body part.
Most fall into one of three categories:

Type A
Bodies that are shaped smaller or narrow on top than on the bottom.
You want to draw the eye upward.
No busy prints on the lower body and no jackets that cut across the widest part of the hip.
Go with Empire-cut dresses and boatneck shirts.
Try vintage clothes from the 70s (think A-line dresses and skirts)

Type B
Bodies that are the same width at the shoulders and hips with a smaller waist.
You want a style that skims your hourglass shape.
An oval necked shirt, wide legged pants, and body skimming dresses flatter this figure.
Look for styles from the 50s .

Type C
Broad shoulders with a straight waistline.
C shaped women often look best in tailored shirts with most any pant silhouette (except pleated styles-which in my opinion look terrible on most everyone).
60s era dresses flatter.