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Friday, October 1, 2010

Lesson Primer For Gentlemen

Taking notes on my observations.
I have been busy taking pictures and writing for what seems like days on end.
I spent time at a mall asking myself, "Did they even look in the mirror before leaving the house?" Coco Chanel once said, "Before leaving the house remove one item from your body."
In most cases, the people I observed should have ditched the whole outfit and started from scratch.
Classic always trumps trendy.
It's alright to add a trendy piece here and there but this is daytime reality fashion, folks.

Modern Day Tips For The Gentleman

*Do take a break from using anything digital from time to time. You'll rediscover the beauty of obtaining information in old-fashioned ways.

*Don't lose your patience when waiting for a lady to be ready. Not only do you risk stressing out but you've got to remember-she's doing this for you as much as herself.

*Don't take up an entire bench if seated alone. You never know what fine specimen in need of rest may happen to sit next to you.

*Do ensure your posture is just as powerful as your suit. Stand up straight, strong and handsome and they will follow.

*Do incorporate some unexpected color into your wardrobe. It will always brighten you and your mood a bit.

*Do remember as a final lesson...that there is no such thing as overdressed. You can always remove your jacket and loosen your collar, if needed.