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Monday, December 5, 2011

So Long Herman Cain

Mr. Cain ,my dear sir, you stayed to long.

Herman Cain's farewell speech indicated how totally incompetent he was from the start.
He showed us how a man with little moral character can rise to heights as high as the front-runner to the Republican candidate for POTUS.
He apologized for dropping out. What he should have apologized for was wasting our money and time.
We need to stop these ridiculous wasteful politics and get down to the meat of the issues that are draining our country.
Mainly, the handling of the national debt and de-leveraging our debt in addition to increasing our standard of living.
Once we reign in spending and cut the waste, we can then re-organize to a more efficient and constructive government.
On the issues of bipartisanship, we must recognize that until we come to an agreement on the importance of co-operation, no matter how far right or left our opinions may be, we lose sight of the reasons why we have a government in place.
Our goals are clearly stated in the US Constitution. order to form a more perfect union
establish justice
ensure domestic tranquility
provide for the common defense
promote the general welfare of our people
secure the blessings of liberty to our citizens

Maybe we should have our elected representatives re-read this every morning so that they are reminded of what their job duties are.