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Friday, September 11, 2009

10 Things To Begin Now

Keeping with my theme of "skinny" information, I will list the 10 most important things we should start to do today.
In light of today's anniversary of 9/11.
Presented Bottom/Up rather than Top/Down.

10. Preserving our natural resources. There is only so much to go around and the raping of it needs to end so that all may live by it.

9.Mass Inter-State High Speed Transportation.

8.Collaboration between U.S. Intelligence Services. This has already begun due to 9/11 and needs to continue to strengthen.

7. Releasing our dependance on foreign oil.

6.Promoting U.S. Ideals to promote and defend democracy throughout the world.

5. Preparing for the safe return of our soldiers and ensuring we have substantial resources for them when they do come home.

4. Monitor threats to control/destroy human rights, ie terrorism, and fight with all of our might to eliminate it.

3. The education of American children. We will need the best.

2. The American Economy eliminating waste. Restricting how many hands are in the pot. Reducing government red tape. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

1. A troop commitment of sufficient weight to turn the tide of war in Afghanistan.