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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fashion Fall Forward

I have been spending a huge amount of time lately, drawing with my latest fashion venture in mind. I am thrilled that the season is changing and I will be wearing boots and cashmere or chunky fair isle sweaters and jeans.( I always go back to the place in my closet where the comfort clothes sit). Lets face it-my reality is getting up in the morning, having a cup o java while perusing news or articles that I have dog-eared, writing and just being in the moment until...........well, until I must be somewhere, or meet someone or call so-and-so via phone.
I am inspired by the nod to Victorian/Equestrian styles shown in many of the RTW runway shows for this season. I love the studded leather, draped satin and ruched fabric mixed with tweed.
As my designs are produced I will keep you updated with my sketchings and when and where the pieces are available to purchase. Here's whats on my mind;