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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Times have changed.
Now as governments and parents tighten their belts-it's changing.
We need more people who place value on not following the academic path at any cost.
The best way to learn many skills is by practicing those skills- not sitting in a classroom.
Likewise, the best way to become an entrepreneur is by starting a business-but if you have to service 5 or even 6 figures of student debt in addition to starting the business-it's difficult.
College seems more like a 4-5 year party and it often serves as a way to avoid thinking about the future instead of preparing for it.
We should not judge the quality of the education system on the number of students who go to universities.
Design and creativity are so central to the nation's economic growth.
Background is no bar to betterment.
We should be matching creativity with commercial reality.
It produces students you would want to have working in your business.

In comparison, Chinese students lose the fun of being children.
China is good at teaching basic knowledge but western students are better at teamwork, communication, research and independent thinking.