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Monday, September 26, 2011

Ranking Our Laws

There has been much discussion on constitutional law so here's a breakdown of Federal vs. State laws and the checks and balances on US government.

Any state constitution or state law that conflicts with the US Constitution laws or treaties can not be enforced.

Highest to Lowest
1 US Constitution
2 US laws and treaties
3 State Constitutions
4 State laws
5 Local laws

A document of this kind is only as good as the people make it.
It must be enforced or it becomes meaningless.
We can make it effective by being well informed as to what our government is doing, by taking an interest in and voting in all elections, by writing letters expressing our opinions to our elected officials, by lobbies, by taking court action in what is called a "test case", against any law that we feel is non-constitutional, and by petition.

Checks and Balances
I Checks on Congress and the Supreme Court made by the President
A May veto bills of Congress
B May call special session of Congress
C May adjourn Congress if House and Senate can not agree on an adjournment date
D May withold information from Congress
E President may appoint Supreme Court Justices

II Checks on President and Supreme Court made by Congress
A May propose amendments to the Constitution that affect offices of the President and the Supreme Court
B May impeach and try President or Supreme Court Justices
C May override President's veto by 2/3 vote of each house
D Controls all spending of money in the US
E Senate may refuse to give it's consent to an appointment to the Supreme Court
F Senate may refuse to give it's consent to any other appointments or treaties made by the President

III Checks on the President and Congress made by the Supreme Court
A May declare law passed by Congress and signed by the President unconstitutional
B May bring suits or issue court orders against public officers