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Monday, June 28, 2010

Art History Series VII

20th Century
I  The first period in 20th Century Art focuses on technology. The invention of photography freed the artist. Jazz became an important representation of improvisation. There was so much change that people had to redefine who and what they were.
Cubist artists were the first to represent volume by visual means. No more shadows to show depth.
The City Fernand Leger
The George Washington Bridge represents the symbol of our civilization.

The mechanised world is represented by the Futurist Movement.

The Bride Marcel Duchamp

Abstractism art draws away from or better yet separates from the peice as a whole. The artist analyzes and simplifies. It represents a break-up of the traditional view of the world.
Violins & Grapes Picasso
The theme in abstract art is to "reduce and simplify".
Red Yellow & Blue Mondrian

In architecture, Le Corbusier uses this method.

II  Expressionism and the modern self.
There was a prevalence of mechanisation influence. Our art of this period holds up a mirror to our values.

Wheelman Ernest Trova

Electronic music appeared on the music scene. It represents the manipulation of material. Assembly lines produced our goods. There was a reaction of disdainfulness of the human condition.

I and the village Marc Chagall
There appears a distortion and abstraction of the real. Interpretation of the physical world is retold without limitations in the art world.

One Number 31 Jackson Pollock
chance happenings captured in artwork

The King Playing With The Queen Max Ernst

Fur covered Cup and Saucer Oppenheim

Roy Lichtenstein

The Persistence of Memory Salvador Dali

Christina's World Andrew Wyeth

Master's Bedroom Andrew Wyeth

Mama Yves Tanguy

The Kiss Klimnt

Marilyn Warhol