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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Real Things We Desire

I have an idea~ a very clear idea about what makes a community or a particular region more desireable to live and work in.
Instead of our politicians concentrating on finger pointing we should be focusing on creating these elements so that we may attract buisness to our nation.
Globalization is here to stay so we had better get onboard with the idea that we can not think in terms of us vs. them.
The deciding factor for engagement should be how a potential partner treats their own people.
Are they a democratic nation or a dictatorship?
We need to pound away at the things that will create a better economy.
Great schools are paramount.
Reasonable taxes.
Less regulation.
A responsive government.

The quality of the workforce is what brings good companies to a region.
Quality of life is the determining factor.

Why do politicians neglect to concentrate on these basic principles now when we need it now more than ever?