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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Make Mine Supreme

Here are some big cases coming soon to the US Supreme Court

FCC vs. Fox
Can the FCC prohibit the nasty filthy language that is used on broadcast tv?
Fox says it should be treated like cable and say whatever the @#$%^&*() it wants!

I think FCC oversight goes bye bye!

First American vs. Edwards
This case could allow lawyers to file "gotcha" class action lawsuits anytime they catch a company violating a law even though no money was lost.
Here it is in "he said, she said" verse......
Plaintiff says she/he suffered because defendants hurt her/him by not playing by the rules.
Defendant says the Constitution says you have to be hurt before you sue.

I say that it's going to be a "no boo-boo no moolah" decision.

Prometheus vs. Mayo
Prometheus labs patented a method of adjusting the dose of a drug acoording to a person's metabolic rate.
The Mayo Clinic says it's a basic technique that all med-nerds know and understand.
Big Pharma is scared that a decision in favor of Mayo could threaten many patents on drugs and treatment methods already on the market.

Is it time for Miracle Whip?
Can a thought process be patented?

Knox vs. Service Employees International
Can employees in Union contract be forced to contribute money to politics?
The SEIU says it can and will and then refund it later

Yeah, after the candidate is in office?!
Im rooting for the employees. "Down with The Man!"

Healthcare reform requires us to buy insurance from private companies.

This one is going to the administration.