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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Billy, An Impromptu Meeting

So this afternoon, I decide to visit one of my favorite places to eat a casual lunch, Theo's, at The Avenue in West Cobb. I had the absolute best chocolate brioche and cappuccino and the weather was just perfect for lunch al fresco.
A couple pull up in a red Smartcar. It reminds me of Europe.
I am working on my laptop, reviewing the top news of the day which was ,of course, the passing of the Baucus Bill by The House.  I am aware the bill will go through countless revisions before it comes up on The Senate floor. It won't even remotely resemble the bill it is now, I fear. Nevertheless, we can move forward (sigh).
I look up from my laptop screen and notice a young man with designer sunglasses spread out in a chair talking on his cellphone. You know the kind of "alpha male"  body language that takes up as much physical space as possible, impossible to ignore or overlook. He's talking business on his phone. "Yeah, bro. Just send it to me. Im so busy, dude. I'll take a look at it when I can. Cool."
Pack of Marlboro Lights on the table, Fendi glasses, etc. etc.
"Do you mind if I join you?"
He is young and aggressive and hungry. He lights a cigarette. He is from California. Just here in Georgia for a couple of months and then back to Cali. He's in radio......production, he says. He's got a big contract. Gonna make alot of money. Yeah, ok,  it's his story.   We start talking about traveling. He lights another cigarette. Tokyo, Copenhagen, Germany, Hong Kong.  I try to throw him by saying, "So when are you taking me?" All of a sudden it got really quiet.
I think I heard a cricket.
We talk about alot of things. Politics and religion. Surprising, because I just met him and they are usually taboo subjects no matter how well I know someone. Today was different. He said he believed in heaven. I said, "The journey is the reward and there is a heaven." And flicks his Bic lighter to light another cigarette. He referred to Buddhism stating proudly, "I believe in "Boody-ism" I smiled.  I'll blame my inability to be annoyed on the weather. He curses too much. A sign of insecurity, trying a little too hard to get the point across. Trying to shock me. I've been around enough "wiseguys" to be immune to the language. The conversation turns lighter. We talk about where to go in Atlanta to have a good time. He mentions Va. Highlands. In congruent to the image he is trying to portray. He's not playing the Highlands type. Other small talk and although I was amused, I knew if I didn't get up and get on my way, it would go on longer. He compliments me. He says he likes blondes and that I look good. I smile again. Who is this kid? He tells me he has a place in midtown. Billy, don't be a hero. Although you are amusing I need substance. Real substance but thanks for the entertainment.