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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why does looking good have to hurt so bad?

Today I went to the mall.
The weather, here in Atlanta, was rainy. Perfect for a day indoors, perusing new things.
I wore my brown suede boots I bought in London.
I made my rounds at some of my favorite stores first; Bloomies, Facconable , Anthropologie, J. Crew, Urban Outfitters for what I call "the funkies", and Sephora.
I took a long walk around the mall and realized my toes were going numb. A little while longer and the pads of my feet started to hurt.
The boots! The boots I bought in London! How could this be? A perfectly pointed toe in a smooth sable brown buttery suede with the most perfect silver bit at the boot top opening. Why??!!!
I remember the day I bought them in Londontown. It was a beautiful summer day and I had just had a pasty for lunch..............(the sound of a vinyl record scratch) Stop.  Ok, Ok, I will spare you the details. I just want to remember how great it felt before I knew how painful they were going to feel.
Now my pretty brown Londontown boots will be spared the long excursions by foot. They will be categorized in the "Looks good. Feels bad." section of my closet.
Sounds like some of the men I've dated........