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Friday, October 23, 2009

Thunder & Lightning

(Created September 20, 2009)
It has been raining for days. Tonight the levee broke. Opposing teams of thunder clouds ridden by Titans rode through my sky. Its been "a comin". The rain had not committed yet. A little here, a little there. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. General Titan let his lightweights feel it out before he rode into town. His opponent had the same strategy in play. Classic  Sun Tsu. It was magnificent. Supernatural. An ode to the powers of nature and it's omnipotent majestic creator. Reminding me that I am small. As small as a grain of sand in a vast unexplainable universe-that I love without understanding. I don't feel the need to understand it either. I just need to feel it. The wind whipping around me as I strain  not to be swayed,the rain hitting my face and changing direction as directed by the wind. The deafening thunder as the storm gets closer to where I stand. Catching a lightning strike in a breathtaking moment as I see it strike down to the ground and shoot upwards the exact path it descended from. Anticipation of the next boom that quakes the air. The rolling thunder in the background that inevitably crescendos into that crackle and boom. Kinetic energy is ripping through the atmosphere.I close my eyes to get further lost in it.
I am alive.