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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


No matter how far ideas go, one idea remains constant. Education is key. We are at a stage in world development that has never been seen before.  Many nations are competing at a global level that could have never even imagined being in  the arena. So then how do we enable innovation? What is our "unfair advantage"? How do we leverage it? Investment in our universities and schools are of the utmost importance. Technology and science should remain in the forefront of industry as these are leading R&D. Cultural intelligence should be taught. We can no longer think in insulary terms and need to teach our children in this way to be able to compete. I recently heard maritime navigation used as a metaphor for where we are, in the process of enabling innovation in the world today. It was said that we lacked a cartography like the first explorers, so in essence we are navigating and drawing the maps as we go. I was raised in a generation that believed in specialization with all of its acronyms. The future is cross-disciplinary. Younger x-gens are annoyed by the older model of specialization. In the perfect, it will be about prospering not just winning.  I've been following a bill The StartUp Visa Bill. Link to article in Buisnessweek below. Its a step in the right direction of collective and co-operative collaboration.