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Thursday, April 29, 2010


I attended SCAD's design discussion series at SCAD in Atlanta this evening.
The topic was From Magazine To Monitor-The Rise of The Blog.

The panel of experts JAITHAN KOCHAR and EDDIE ROSS, co-founders of Eddie Ross Inc.
RITA KONIG, designer and writer for T : The New York Times Style Magazine,  "Inside Out" .
NICK OLSEN, designer on a dime blogger and writer.

A point that was made was the "instant gratification" of blogging-there is no waiting for editing or publishing.
It is a good source of inspiration for alot of people.
Blogging for a bigger audience base, such as a magazine or industry is a way to get more readers to your blog.
My thoughts on the panel discussion:
I was really looking forward to being fed juicy morsels of what it is like to blog~blog BIG!
It fell short but I had the opportunity to meander down the hallways at SCAD. What an inspiring experience, in and of itself. So many pieces of art to admire-in all mediums. I couldn't help but stop at the cutting room and admire the unfinished works of the students. There are fine examples of completed fashion on display. I could spend all afternoon perusing the halls touching fabric of the original "one of a kinds" on mannequins-turning over the seams to inspect the good workmanship and careful attention to detail. Paintings and photography that are the prelude to some really great careers.

Why do I blog?
I got really tired of "emo" wordy "diary" entries. I hope I inspire by sharing what's on my mind. I look for it in others~it's extremely rare to find. I am unconventional and don't follow one particular subject. Life is unconventional and multi-dimensional. At least any life worthwhile. So follow me or don't. You won't get sugar-coated middle of the road. It isn't good enough for me.
Until next inspiration.....................
Yours Truly,