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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skinny Living

I have rules to keep me loving my bikins.

1. I eat what I love to eat everyday. The only catch is that I must enjoy every bite and I stop eating it the second I stop enjoying it. I eat the things I love to eat whether or not Im hungry so that I don't "pig out" on "off limit" foods.

2. I don't eat when I want to feel better. When Im waist deep in the refrigerator and don't know why I'm there-it's usually because I'm "feeling". Overeating is a distraction from stress, loneliness and other uncomfortable emotions. No emotion is so bad that I need to fight weight gain too.

3. I don't diet. The longer I diet, the longer my body will hold onto it's extra pounds. Eating less and increasing exercise trigger's my body into ancient survival instincts to keep every inch on at all costs. It's basic survival skills when food was scarce. Times have changed so it doesn't do me any good when food is abundant and I want to look my best.

4. I got in touch with my appetite. We're really tight now. I eat only when I am hungry and stop when Im full. My body then releases my extra pounds. Sweet!

4. I commit to a weekly workout baseline  that I keep no matter what crazy thing is going on in my life. I usually do more but as long as I know I did my bare minimum I am sure to stay trim and toned all year.